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Looking for opportunities to create, experiment, and develop Art while finding applicable, useful, sustainable tools for art therapy keeping in mind my personal goals. looking for commissioned work in the Visual Arts scope mainly painting and photography.
Looking for mural opportunities solo or with a team. (Private or community public art)
Looking for Gallery space to show my work
Looking for Photography opportunities.

The big top early 2000
Raw artist New Orleans
Museo de arte abstracto
San Salvador
Broadmoor early 2000
Latine LIfe New Orleans 2021

Social media: Instagram

Fine arts
2 years coursed did not graduate
University of New Orleans
2 years of Digital photography
Art Institute of Pittsburgh did not graduate
(There is more but in different fields)

Artist statement:
I live through my creativity as a medium of life expression. Destruction of Art to create new Art to destroy Art. Always experimenting and breaking dogmas not just rules and paradigms. Painting drawing photography installations some sort of constructivism martial science and writing make my multiple styles or lack of style. Would like to consider myself a semi-abstract post vandalist.

Other skills:
Digital Art (Different apps and software
social media
editing software (Photoshop/lightroom etc.)
proficient and updated computer skills

CV: Bio
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